Vision & Mission Statement

The company is trading since 1996 and has various listed  Mining Companies as their clients.


  • DWS Automotive & General Engineering CC offers only high quality products and service, efficient and flexible business systems, coupled with our commitment to building new generation infrastructure for Africa. DWS Automotive & Engineering strive to become a market leader in the African Petroleum industry.


  • DWS Automotive specialises in various petroleum products (i.e. Diesel, Petrol, LPG, Paraffin, Heavy Furnace Oils and lubricants etc…) within the inland and coastal areas. Jacques Booysens, head of this department,  strives to maintain and build a strong partnerships with its cliental and customer base. With this we are running a supply, repairs and maintenance of equipment divisions and have three teams which does the installations i.e. petrol; diesel (above and underground), Lpg gas installations (industrial and domestic) and workshop installations for oils and greases.


  • Johann (a retired professional accountant) takes care of the finances and Jacques Booysens has obtained vast knowledge and experience for the last 30 years in the pro-chemical industry in the following fields; sales, marketing, logistics, equipment, maintenance and installations and are spearheading this division.


  • Jacques started his career in the lubrication equipment field where he has gained indepth knowledge and experience in the supply; maintenance and installation of bulk oil and grease dispensing. He  later also ventured into the petro- chemical industry in the fore- court maintenance on filling stations. The scope of work entails removal and installation of tanks; pipe lines and pump maintenance.


  • Jacques also have extensive knowledge of Zimbabwe as he completed a number of storage facilities for a company called Sash-fuel & Chemicals while he was in the fuel industry. Depots was build in Beitbridge, Bulawayo, Victoria falls and Kairo and while busy with that he build up a local network of business connections which he has later supplied with petroleum products.


  • It is our mission to become the premier distributor of petroleum products and chemicals to independent Dealers in the markets we serve. We aim to accomplish this by aligning ourselves with the best customers and suppliers, providing personalized customer service, operating in a safe, environmentally-conscious manner while striving to be honest and fair in all our business endeavors.


  • We have a small staff compliment yet big enough to render a high quality and personalize service level to our clients and cater for all of their needs.


Our Suppliers

We have a strong working relationship with our supply partners

  • Sasol Oil
  • Total SA
  • Engen
  • Ocean Petroleum
  • Auto Commodities


Cross border trade companies


Jacques have gain tremendous knowledge and experience in cross border trade with Zimbabwe; Zambia; Botswana; Lesotho and Mozambique. 

  • Star Petroleum (Zimbabwe)


  • Comclass Oil Company (Zimbabwe)


  • Africa Super Fuels (Zimbabwe)


  • Cross Breed marketing (Zimbabwe)



Transportation of Products

We have our own in house logistics in the transportation of the following products

  • Diesel (all Grades)
  • Petrol ( all Grades)
  • Lubricants (all Grades)


We have  access to reputable transportation companies that are SQAS approved with Sasol and the petrol chemical industries in dangerous good transportation as contingency backup plans.


List of Transporters

  • Nicks Motors
  • Zimbulk Carriers
  • Wemer Transporters
  • Springbok Transporters


Supply of Products

The following are a list of products that we supply to the industry.

  • Butiman (all grades)
  • Illuminated Paraffin (IP)
  • Jet Fuel
  • Petrol (all grades)
  • Diesel ( all grades)
  • LPG (Liquid Gas)
  • Lubricants (oils & Greases)
  • Transformer oils


Services Rendered

The company are geared to render the following services in the petro-chemicals industry and our personnel are highly qualified and skilled in their respective fields.

  • Supply of equipment.
  • Maintenance and Repair.
  • ( Aboveground, underground petrol and diesel installations and LPG Gas)
  • Wholesale of Products.


Overall Strategy

The company bases its structure on four strategic principles required to reach its long-term business objective to become one of the top leaders in the African Petroleum Industry as Suppliers.


  • Follow Innovation where it leads

Pursue latest technological innovation in the Petroleum Industry, balanced with our customers need and commercial potential.

  • Retain the Value of Innovation

Seeking Partners or outsourcing when necessary to maximize value.

  • Excel in Sales and Marketing

Expand innovative commercial capabilities to new customers and regions. Manage alliances, putting the customer first.

  • Drive Core Values Together

Culture of innovation, trust and teamwork, open communication and results driven.


Terms and Conditions

We can offer a 7 (seven) day account payment plan( subject to prior approval) in cross border trading for petroleum products. Alternatively the terms will be cash on order.


We are working closely with a company called Wear Check which does our analyses of the oils and issues the relevant reports.