Supply of Products

The following are a list of products that we supply to the industry.

  • Wholesale of products
  • Butiman (all grades)
  • Illuminated Parafin (IP)
  • Jet Fuel
  • Petrol (all grades)
  • Diesel ( all grades)
  • LPG (Liquid Gas)
  • Lubricants (oils & Greases)
  • Transformer oils


Overall Strategy

The company bases its structure on four strategic principles required to reach its long-term business objective to become one of the top leaders in the African Petroleum Industry as Suppliers.


  • Follow Innovation where it leads

Pursue latest technological innovation in the Petroleum Industry, balanced with our customers need and commercial potential.


  • Retain the Value of Innovation

Seeking Partners or outsourcing when necessary to maximize value.


  • Excel in Sales and Marketing

Expand innovative commercial capabilities to new customers and regions. Manage alliances, putting the customer first


  • Drive Core Values Together

Culture of innovation, trust and teamwork, open communication and results driven.


  • Terms and Conditions

We can offer a 7 (seven) day account payment plan( subject to prior approval) in cross border trading for petroleum products. Alternatively the terms will be cash on order.



We are working closely with a company called Wear Check which does our analyses of the oils and issues the relevant reports.