• Clean debris and dust from the assigned areas

• Use specialized equipment such as blowers and mowers to perform cleaning duties

• Perform both major and minor repair work around the building such as repairing locks and installing window blinds

• Replace broken windows and door locks

• Remove signs of graffiti from walls and windows

• Install and repair electric wiring and replace bulbs and capacitors

• Ensure that control panels and electric locks are in proper working condition

• Install television and computer cables

• Inspect company equipment for possible problems and report findings

• Take measures to perform maintenance on equipment and tools

• Perform general maintenance on sanitary and mechanical systems of buildings

• Assist with construction or remodeling projects

• Move furniture and equipment upon instruction

• Maintain the overall condition of the building and grounds

• Make sure that the grounds are free of leaves or trash

• Perform inspection of the premises and ensure that any hazardous conditions are immediately taken care of.


Combined housing profile