• Cobus de Jager – Sales manager of the organization and oversee all the building maintenance and painting.


  • George Muller – Technical and Operational manager of the corporation and he manages all the construction contracts hands on.

      He has  more than  30 years  of extensive experience in all aspects of the Mining Industry.


  • Freddy Yona – Site Manager also joined the corporation in Feb 2011 and is a boilermaker with very high standards.

      His portfolio of experiences is summarized  as follows:

      In 1987 he started as a semi skilled boilermaker.at Pipe Master Engineering .

      While employed, he picked up experience over a vast number of industries including the mining industry.

      He was then offered  a position where he was in charge of  manufacturing and installation of pipelines in the shafts, vertical as well as inclines and pump chambers.

      Furthermore, he is also in charge of vertical as well as incline,  access raises and conveyor belts box fronts.


  • Johann van den Berg – Financial Manager

      Has 40 years’ experience in the Accounting and Financial profession.

      Qualified as a Professional Accountant.


  • Jacques Booysens –  started his career in the lubrication equipment field where he has gained indepth knowledge and experience in the supply; maintenance and installation of bulk oil and grease dispensing. He  later also ventured into the petro- chemical industry in the fore- court maintenance on filling stations. The scope of work entails removal and installation of tanks; pipe lines and pump maintenance.  

Jacques also have extensive knowledge of Zimbabwe as he completed a number of storage facilities for a company called Sash-fuel & Chemicals while he was in the fuel industry. Depots was build in Beitbridge, Bulawayo, Victoria falls and Kairo and while busy with that he build up a local network of business connections which he has later supplied with petroleum products.

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